What is Top501.com?

Top501.com is made up of 2 distinct sites.

Do you have a business that you would like to advertise locally? Take a look at our sister site Top501 Local www.top501local?

Why did you develop this site?

There are 2 main reasons that we started top501.com.

The first is to create a place where 501 people can add links to their social media accounts, fan pages, photo galleries, blogs, vlogs and other social media content which is relevant to the areas that they wish to join. You can use this area to make new connections with people that have the same passions as you and perhaps generate more followers or likes on your social media accounts or blogs. You don’t have to have thousands of followers or be the number 1 in search engine results to join – you just need to have a passion for your subject and to want to be in the top 501 on our site. We don’t use algorithms on our site which means that everyone is treated in the same way.

The second reason is to allow visitors to the site to browse through categories that they are interested in without having to use a search engine to find content. Up to 501 grid squares to explore and up to 9 social media accounts on each of these – that’s a lot of subject-related and relevant content to browse through and explore!

How does it work?

Imagine that your main passion is food. You can search through the categories and subcategories to find the one that most relates to your food interest (could be baking, could be French cuisine, perhaps you have some great vegan recipes to share or you have a blog about feeding fussy kids). Once you find the most suitable 501 grid you pick your square on the grid and then link to your Social Media accounts, blogs, vlogs, podcasts etc. You can link up to 9 accounts that you either own or run in each square that you purchase. You can purchase squares in multiple grids, but only one square per grid. Each square costs £2.50 for a year.

Perhaps you have a band or are a budding photographer or artist? Share your work here. You will reach a different audience and help people to discover you.

Why do you charge for this?

We are very keen on keeping the Top501 websites advert free. Charging for each grid square helps us to do this. The other reason that we charge is to reduce the amount of spam sites that would be added if this service was free. Each of the social media sites that are added as links are checked by real life humans and we want to see proper content, not just rubbish!

 Why 501?

We felt that this was a good number of grid squares per subcategory. It gives 501 people a chance to join each year and also provides a good selection of content for visitors to each area.

Can anyone Join?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join and add their social media links.



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